Are You Holding On?

Today was fun as we journied through the Body we came to yet another Body System


This was FUN…..first we read our text, then did some hands on naming and recalling using some great TPT resorces from Curly Cue, gotta love foldables, great for our Year Books.

Isaac began a detailed diagram about the interchange of  waste and products in the Kidney while Esther and I had some fun creating the insides of a Kidney with plasticine….  Even I leant some details! Did you realise after the water is extracted from the large intestine it mixes with the blood and then goes to the next cleaning and filtering station the kidneys (I did not know that!!) This is the final filter and extration before out she goes!


As we recreated the kidney we discussed the functions, duties and names of her parts and asked bizzarre questions like, “Why is the adrenal gland on the kidney?” I still do not have the answer except I am guessing that every bit of blood eventually gets to the kidney so that is a great place for quick hormone release and quick secretion into the blood? Who knows….I am just guessing now….

We then had a break and I set some items in place for them both to create a WORKING model of a kidney an idea I snatched from these two websites, except they sorta directed the kids, I reckon they might think about it more if they have to design it. Here and Here 

I set out an array of netting, filter papers, bottles, sieves, straws,  balloons, string, pegs, palstic gloves… and more. Then set them their assignment a working model of t he Excretory System. YES with real (kinda) urea.

They talked and designed and thrashed out functions, they came up with a pretty good design I thought.


Excretory System Models Parts

Kidneys- 2 cut of bottles, filter papers as the filtering system

Urether Tubes- Bendy straws attached to the bottle with blu tac

Bladder- Glove with fingers stuck around it and it sitting in a funnel, the onle finger left was one with the tip cut off, that then extended through the neck of the funnel.

Urethra-Funnel with bladder sitting in it and a finger through neck

Sphincter Muscles- Peg holding the urethra and twisting the balloon

A bucket for a Loo, Esther even got into the flow  by printing a toilet.  Engagement!

Very clever I thought! Appealed to both age groups and really got them thinking and really processing the functions and how you could replicate them. I was happy. Good day in the blue room!

In the end the question remains….will they retain it? I say yes, the more hands on I become the more retention the seem to have. Super simple!





Palatable Politics

My passion is to make my kids politically wired, world changers must understand the system they live in, so I am on a discovery journey to make Politics Palatable.

I will be blogging as I find gems….sad to say they are not many but I FOUND a winner today. BTN rocks……Super Heros to the rescue!

Federal Woman

Federal woman.PNG

State Man

State man.PNG

Local Boy…..

Local Boy.PNG

Comics and politics WIN WIN!

On this SITE BEHIND THE NEWS you will find the video and activities to use with it!

Endeavoring to build politically savvy kids, God help me!


Blood ‘n Guts

This week’s science was great fun, some dabbling in blood and the Circulatory System.

We read our text book to give a framework, then delved into these experiments

Some simple Heart rate exercises found here Circulatory Lab

We then did some more foldables and concreting with this GREAT resource Human Body Pack Circulatory System

Then we had some hands on Fun with this Visual Experiment on the Parts of Blood

Found at this Blog Site First Rundles Room: A Little Bit of Blood and Gore!
My kind of real and disgusting school. Blood reconstruction. I adapted some Aussie ingrediants….so easy! It looks even REALER the next day…… leave it to sit!

Plasma=water yellow food coloring and salt,
Cheerios dyed red=red blood cells,
Mini mellows = white blood cells,
Platelets =cut musk sticks.



This kind of learning is salient and fun, how do I know it Esther tells everyone about it….when James get home, her brothers and more.


Hugs as you school

Australian Geography…Hands On

I don’t know about you but I get sick of teaching the same way all of the time….I have heaps of BLM’s on Aust studies (all great I might add) but I was tired of them….

When I discovered Esther had a learning gap when it came to States and Territories of Australia……another “gulp” moment…..we fixed it today hands on style…..

I hunted for some clear and NICE printables (FREE) I might add…..from Our Wide World Blog– Very nice quality gear!! I was a happy teacher!

Beautiful HUGE map of Australia and her states to print in different colours, matching labels, flags and more…..I was delighted!


I mounted mine on recycled cardboard

Esther loved it too


We also made pages that outlined the Natural and Man made features of each State and Territory. There is even a Mini Unit that I can use later



She looks happy with her achievement, I am satisfied she learnt more doing this than  a worksheet! Yahhhh win win.

Love schooling in this era!


Educating Head, Heart and Hands!

Today I am doing some whole body Education…..

Often we allocate education to the mind…..

Then, like yesterday I educated my kid’s heart when we looked at The Holocaust

Today I am doing some practical loving with their hands……we are visiting and delivering some well needed supplies to a friend.

Hands make heart shape
Hands make heart shape

Education must outwork itself else it will implode…..we will create a self centred kind of child who might have the concepts but do not know how to outwork the same……

The Good Book says “Faith without works is dead”.

Our faith must must must must must outwork in other’s lives, so today we are doing something with our hands…..

Head and heart come fairly easily but I challenge you to outwork these concepts, take time and do it! Random Acts of Kindness, just be nice and kind, help others.   even when they do not deserve it ….

Education is not one or the other it is all three working simultaneously, in balence, in tune!

Blessings Cath


Studying the Hard Stuff…..Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination

Continuing our WW2 and Holocaust studies we had a brief look at the roots of the Holocaust…
Today we read about Anne Frank’s arrest and eventual death, it was stirring and emotive.

Hard to read without emotion or even an embarressment at humanity and the depravity she writes about so clearly in so many ways.

We use this book by Scholastic….



This is the easy outline I used with my 10 year old and 14 year old….

Stereotyping- Making a generalization about a people group (Purple people are thieves, or Jewish people are always greedy)

Scapegoating-Blaming or accusing that people group to focus frustrations (I saw purple people near Mr Z who lost his wallet, must be them, Jews caused the war because they hoarded their money)

Prejudice- Strong feelings that may not make sense (I cannot stand Purple people, they are always thieves, Jewish people were definately the cause of the war)

Discrimination- Prejudice in action (I do not want to be friends with Purple people, I will ignore what happens to them as they deserve it)

We looked at stereotypes in shows like I Carly and worked out if they were actually harmful or not….


Hugs as you embrace the harder questions